tesa® 64010 sigurnosne etikete
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tesa® 64010 sigurnosne etikete

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Sigurnosna traka za palete

Tehnički podaci

  • Prikladne za male i srednje kartonske kutije i transportne kontejnere
  • Dostupne s individualnom štampom u raznim oblicima i veličinama
  • Brza ručna ili automatska primjena
Osnova                            PP film
Ukupna debljina [um] 120
Ljepljivost/čelik [N/cm]
Snaga napinjanja [N/cm]
Boje         žuta

tesa® 64010 and 64012 are offered as security labels to avoid manipulation during the whole logistics chain (storage, transport). With their characteristics, they are able to show manipulation and unauthorized openings on different kinds of packaging, this makes a tampering obvious.
The labels can be customized with e.g. logos and barcodes. The imprint ensures a higher level of individual security sealing as the artwork is developed according to customer demands and due to the special printing process and quality standards only available for this single customer.

tesa® 64012 is specially designed to secure re-usable roll containers. In this function it substitutes metal or plastic seals.

The security effect of tesa® 64010 and 64012 works in two steps:

  • When tesa® 64010 is removed from a cardboard box/re-usable container or when the seal tag tesa® 64012 is opened, the message “OPENED” in different languages appears
  • This message remains clearly visible, even after trying to re-close the box or the seal tag

The application of tesa® 64010 is easy: the fast manual application as well as the application with automatic dispensers is possible. For tesa® 64012 the dispenser "Easy Rider" is available to apply the label fast and efficiently.

Their characteristics make tesa® 64010 and 64012 especially suitable for using the label and seal for logistics of industries with high valuable products: 

  • Electronic industry
  • Cosmetic industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Automotive spare parts
  • Fashion industry
  • Retailer



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